ULTRA HI-FLOAT 473ml (16 fl oz.) - Includes Pump

Manufacturer: Qualatex
SKU: 55293-00110-copy
Make helium balloons float longer! Hi-Float lets your inflate your balloons the day before the event!

ULTRA HI-FLOAT 473ml (16 oz.) - Includes Pump

Hi-Float is used to make your latex helium-filled balloons float longer by preventing helium leakage from latex balloon! Simply add some of the Hi-Float liquid to the opening of the balloon and make sure it coats the inside of the balloon opening. Your balloons are now ready to be filled with helium which will last longer! 

  • Ultra Hi-Float Balloon Treatments extends the life of helium-filled latex balloons
  • Treatment pre-coats the interior of balloons before you inflate them, creating a tight seal that slows helium loss
  • Latex balloons retain their size and shape much longer
  • Do not use HI-FLOAT products or Balloon Shine on Deco Bubbles or latex balloons inside Deco Bubbles.

Kit is good for 100 - 11" Latex Balloons 


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