Superstar Face Paint Stencil - Wild Beast 77005

Manufacturer: Superstar
SKU: 77005

Superstar Face Paint Stencils are the perfect stencils to put that extra WOW factor on your face paint design.
The stencils can be used for face painting or air brushing. 

How to use with face paint:

1.Make sure to use clean and dry stencil.
2.Load face paint on sponge of finger dauber. Be sure that paint is nice and creamy consistency not too wet, otherwise it can leak under the stencil
3.Press the stencil firmly to the skin. Dab the sponge with paint over the stencil.
4.Lift the stencil without sliding on the skin, so you will have crisp design.
5.Clean the stencil gently with soap and water. Let it dry.

For that extra wow effect apply Glitter
The stencils are made from re-usable plastic and can be carefully washed with water and a soft sponge after use.

Made in Holland


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