Silicone Glitter Wand - Purple

Manufacturer: Hokey Pokey Inc.
SKU: silicone-wand-purple
1 Flexible Silicone Applicator. Perfect for applying glitter and glitter gels!

Silicone Glitter Wand - Purple(1pc) 

This silicone wand is perfect for applying glitter to face painting, lips, and glitter tattoos! It's easy to use for precise application. 

The silicone material is flexible, and super easy to clean sanitize between applications. It works extremely well for spreading Pixie Paint and other glitter gels onto and around face painting designs! 

To use:

With loose glitter, use the applicator like a scoop to pick up sparkles and place them exactly where you would like!

For glitter gels and pastes, scoop up a small amount of gel onto the applicator, and spread it where you would like it on your designs. 



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