ProKNOWS Professional Clown Nose - Large Red Gloss Nose (BS3)

Manufacturer: ProKNOWS
Fits Average to large nose. Round, with good side coverage. The original ProKNOWS professional clown nose comes standard in a high-gloss red finish. Form fitting foam interior Lightweight Real to touch Does not contain latex #1 Choice of the professionals world-wide

ProKnows Professional clown noses are the leaders in quality. ProKnows noses are made with a foam interior and shiny red gloss exterior coating. Noses are made with top quality materials and a standard nose with proper care can be used up to 100 times. Proknows noses are available in 2 varieties; nose tips and full noses. Full noses cover the entire nose and have air holes at the bottom of the nose for easy breathing and comfort, where nose tips fit nicely on the tip of the nose and do not block the nasal passage. For those clowns that prefer less covering of the nose or have smaller faces, the nose tips are a great alternative to a full nose.

To Use: Apply to the skin using Proface nose adhesive. Brush on a small amount of Proface Nose adhesive to the inside of the nose then press against the skin, transferring a small amount of the glue to the nose. Then remove wait 3 seconds and stick nose back on your nose. This will create a contact and allow to dry for 10 seconds. Once nose is secured in place it will stay on for multiple hours.

To Remove: For best removal and preservation of your nose, it is recommended that you use the nose adhesive dissolvent. Nose adhesive dissolvent breaks down the adhesive making it easier to apply adhesive for the next use.

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