ProAiir Solids - Pale Pink (14g)

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ProAiir Solids

Create water resistant, smudge proof effects.  Perfect for hot, sweaty or wet events.

This highly pigmented Hybrid formula is great for brush and sponge to create water resistant masterpieces. 

Activated by ProLong to keep the rich pigment color.   For more transparent effect use 91%+ Isopropyl Alcohol.   Cracking & air bubbles are caused due to missing of phthalates (soft plastic), are normal. 

SOLIDS are Phthalate-Free (Contain no Plasticizers).  Also Gluten Free, not tested on animals, and skin safe. 

Do not use on sunburned skin or open wounds.  ProAiir is manufactured and packaged in USA.  

Singles contain 14 grams of makeup.  

More Info

ProAiir SOLIDS are NEW, they’re HOT and perfect for any FX project you may have. 

ProAiir SOLIDS (Palette and Singles) is a Hybrid waterproof formula in dry cake form. SOLIDS deliver all the great qualities of ProAiir Hybrid (waterproof, smudge proof, fast drying, pleasant smelling, etc), but in a solid cake form, ideal for sponge and brush application.

ProAiir SOLIDS are initially being produced in small batches and limited colors. This approach best enables us to monitor feedback and tweak the formula if necessary to achieve optimal results. We fully anticipate mass availability through a distributor near you soon, as all of our extensive testing over the past several months has generated positive feedback and tons of excitement.

A few things worth noting when deciding whether ProAiir SOLIDS are right for you:
1. Although SOLIDS dry rather quickly, blending of colors is possible. For example, Yellow over Blue will produce Green. Likewise, White over Blue will produce a light shade of Blue. To achieve pure White, apply SOLIDS White directly to the skin.
2. SOLIDS is a highly concentrated Hybrid formula dense in pigment. The staying power of SOLIDS exceeds all other ProAiir Hybrid Makeup products. Designs done in SOLIDS may last for days and may require scrubbing, baby oil, or even Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to remove sooner. SOLIDS are ideal for super hot, humid climates, pool parties, perspiration resistance, etc.
3. To achieve optimal results, SOLIDS MUST be activated with ProAiir ProLong only. IPA, even 99%, may lead to flaking of finished designs.
4. ProAiir SOLIDS are Phthalate-Free (i.e. contain no plasticizers). Maintaining our commitment to completely SKIN SAFE makeup in this way leads to a better, safer product for you and your models. We feel the slightly less uniformity in our cakes is a small price to pay for safety. If a smooth top layer is important to you, applying a small amount of ProLong will smooth out the cracks. Click on the link below if you wish to become more familiar with phthalates.
5. You must refrain from attempting to create split-cakes from ProAiir SOLIDS. The absence of potentially harmful plasticizers in SOLIDS renders our cakes more brittle than those with phthalates.

Tips for Use


Apply to skin that is clean of lotions, oils and dirt.
- Activate SOLIDS with ProLong to achieve desired consistency and to alleviate cracking. Rubbing alcohol may effect 
- Load brush from pallet, misting with ProLong as needed to thin, blend or reactivate dry makeup.To avoid unpredictable results do not mix with isopropyl alcohol. Keep away from children.  Use in well vented area. 
- Keep SOLIDS sealed when not in use.  If SOLID cracks while in case use Prolong to keep together.  

DO NOT try to cut to make split cake, the SOLID will crack apart.  This is not a waterbase product nor does it have any plastic ingredient to behave that way. 

Tips for cleaning brushes:
- Do NOT use water!
- Either allow to dry naturally (reactivate with alcohol when ready to use again) or rub LIQUID SOAP thru bristles and wipe clean with paper towel.

Removal Instructions

Remove with makeup remover, liquid and or exfoliating soap, baby oil of isopropyl alcohol. 

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