ProAiir Hybrid Flo Yellow (8oz) (SFX)

SKU: Flow-Yellow-8
Waterproof neon face paint, glows under black light

ProAiir from ShowOffs is the smoothest flowing, longest lasting, most durable hybrid makeup ever made. When applied correctly, ProAiir can last 1-3 days, but fades over time like regular beauty makeup.  

Removal: Simply rub liquid soap or body gel into lather on skin. Wipe clean with wash cloth or baby wipe or rinse with water. Baby oil or makeup remover work well too. Do not use bar soap with water before applying liquid soap.  Check out our Resources/Download section and print this image to keep and show customers.


•Alternative application available. You can apply hybrid with a cosmetic sponge or brushes or use Pump Spray instead of the lid which will create a portable air brush effect, it will allow you to apply even amount of the colour on the sponge

Shelf life for open bottles 3-5 years. Unopened bottles shelf life 10 years. 

*Please note, neon pigments (aka UV, ultraviolet, black light,
fluorescent) contain ingredients that have not yet been approved for use
in cosmetics by the FDA, as they have yet to test them. However, these
same ingredients have been tested and deemed safe for cosmetic use by
independent, US-based laboratories. Following FDA guidelines, colors
containing neon pigments are labeled as Special FX products to be used
on prosthetics, clothing, etc.
For concerns about use directly on skin, applying a fine layer of white;
color as a barrier before applying neon pigments is recommended. All
white makeup products are made with the natural ingredient "Titanium
Dioxide" which helps blocks the absorption of UV.
ProAiir is manufactured and packaged in the USA.

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