ProAiir Hybrid ATOMIC - Gamma Green (4oz)

SKU: Atomic-GG-4oz
Waterproof face paint, glows under black light (neon) From Dutch Bihary's Atomic Collection! Vibrant opaque airbrush colours that look great with or without a blacklight!


ProAiir Fluorescent colors (aka neons), though incredible in many ways, are some what translucent but ATOMICS are more opaque! These are the same colors used in RAINBOW colors except the swamping of pink/purple.  Primary colors are a lot more opaque. Atomics offer the best of both worlds with colors that go on opaque AND are brilliant in both natural daylight and under black light.  Note in the "photos" tab the different looks you can achieve with a single application.  Brilliance by day or night!


Yes, Hybrid is VEGAN and not tested on animals.   


Think of Atomic colors as ampped-up primary colors with UV punch. The Atomic colors dry bright and vibrant with one coat!       


ProAiir from ShowOffs is the smoothest flowing, longest lasting, most durable hybrid makeup ever made. When applied correctly, ProAiir can last 1-3 days, but fades over time like regular beauty makeup.  

Removal: Simply rub liquid soap or body gel into lather on skin. Wipe clean with wash cloth or baby wipe or rinse with water. Baby oil or makeup remover work well too. Do not use bar soap with water before applying liquid soap.  Check out our Resources/Download section and print this image to keep and show customers.


Shelf life for open bottles 3-5 years. Unopened bottles shelf life 10 years. 

Neon colours, like in many other brands, are made with pigments that have not been approved by the FDA to be used in cosmetics (the FDA has not tested them yet for cosmetic use) but they have been independently tested and have been determinded safe for cosmetic use by the indepedent labratories. Following FDA guidelines these colours are labeled as a special fx product to be used on prosthetics, clothing, etc. 


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