NEW Large Slots Face Paint Tray - By the Art Factory

Manufacturer: Art Factory
Plastic insert for custom made split cakes

NEW Art Factory Large Slots Face Paint Tray (12" x 9 1/2" x 1/2")

Check out the all new and improved face paint trays from Art Factory! These face paint trays are designed to fit directly into the ever popular snap cases. 
This insert can hold up to 16 rainbow cake containers, or if you prefer, you can fill the tray with your own custom paint combos for limitless options!
These face paint trays are made exclusively for the Art Factory and we are proud to have worked with a local US manufacturer to ensure the utmost quality.

Each tray is made with smooth, clear PVC plastic without any texture and can be easily cleaned with a baby wipe or paper towel.  Because you are able to leave your paints in their original containers, you can easily lift the tray to see the paints info through the clear bottom, or simply remove the paint container to get a better look. 

Please note that while each slot can comfortably hold a full one stroke container, that fit is not snug and you will need to secure the container in place using some double sided tape.
The insert measures 12" x 9 1/2" x 1/2"
Each slot in the insert measures 2.125" x 2.5" This insert has 16 compartments that can each hold a rainbow cake with its container, or approximately 50 grams of face paint.

You can fit 2 inserts in one snap case
 if you pot your own paint directly into the tray.  If you leave paints in their original containers and place those into the trays, then you will be able to fit *only one full tray* into the snap case. 



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