Mini 4 in 1 Heart Glitter Tattoo Stencil - HP - 393 (5pc pack)

Manufacturer: Hokey Pokey Inc.
4 in 1 Stencil is two layers self adhesive stencil. Each stencil has 4 identical designs approximately 1" x 1" each

Four Separate stencils on one backing. Each design  approximately 1" x 1". These pack has 5of mini stencils with 4 designs on each sheet. Each mini stencil can be used individually (20 mini stencils total).  These tiny stencils are great for young kids - perfect size for small hands and arms.   These stencils do not have a clear top layer.

How to Apply:  Peel off bottom paper layer of the stencil and place the sticky part of the vynil stencil on the skin. Once into place apply thin layer of skin glue. Remove stencil and apply glitter. Glimmer stencils are recommended for one time use per stencil.

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