Milena Stencils - Tiger - Stencil Set D36

Manufacturer: Milena Stencils
SKU: D36
This set has 2 stencils to create the perfect background and detailing!

Milena Face Painting Stencils - Tiger - Stencil Set D36

MILENA STENCILS are made by professional face painter, Milena Potekhina from Russia.

Face and Body Art stencils require some practice to learn how to use them properly, but once you learn how to use them you can get through your face painting line much faster! Start with a clean stencil and make sure that the skin is nice and dry before you apply the stencil. Hold the MILENA stencil against the skin firmly with your fingers. What paints to use? If you want yo work with water activated face paints, we suggest using a glycerin based paint like Superstar or Paradise for the easiest application, but with practice all water based face paints work. Get your sponge very slightly wet and work the paint into a creamy almost sticky consistency. Test the paint on the surface of your hand or napkin to make sure it isn’t too wet, and then tap over the surface of the stencil. Always move from the edges of the stencil into the center of the design, so that you are not pushing face paint under the stencil. You can also use cream based paints or pressed powders, or even use them both together, applying the cream based paint first and then tapping powder on top to set it. You can also tap glitter on top of the cream paint. Using sponges with very small pores is best since they provide a more even coverage and they tend to hold less water. Some people also like to use kabuki style brushes with their stencils, just make sure the brush has a very thin load of paint and it is fairly dry. Once it is time to remove the stencil carefully pull it away from the skin making sure not to drag the stencil against the freshly painted area. Before you use that stencil again, make sure to clean it and let it dry so it doesn’t ruin your next design. You can just rinse it off with water when on the job.

Each stencil is 6.5cm x 12cm

Made from soft thin and flexible 0.15mm thick Mylar

Reusable ✓  Face Paint Compatible ✓  Airbrush Compatible ✓  Easy to Clean ✓

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