KINGART® Soft Grip Glitter Gel Pens, 2.0mm Ink Cartridge, Set of 50 Unique Colors

Manufacturer: King Art
SKU: 400-50

KINGART® STUDIO Soft Grip Glitter Gel Pens, 2.0 mm ink Cartridge | Set of 50 Unique Colors

KINGART® STUDIO soft grip gel pens are perfect for aspiring enthusiasts and beginners looking to enjoy new levels of creativity.

  • 50 Vibrant Gel Pens that are Packed with Sparkle. A fantastic array of glittery gel pen colors ignites the imagination with brilliant shades of rainbow. There is nothing quite like glitter pens to add that extra oomph to your coloring pages.
  • Gel Pens that Give You More. Extra large ink cartridge and sturdy design means you can enjoy hours upon hours of creativity. Acid Free and Non-Toxic, our gel pens set is the perfect set for artists of all ages.
  • Let Your Imagination Soar and The Uses Are Endless. Use gel pens for coloring books, scrapbooking, school and home projects, greeting cards, letters or just doodling. Create your own intricate mandalas, rich with color and texture.
  • Glitter Gel Pens for the Addicted Colorists with Luxurious Comfort Grip. Now you can color, design, and create to hearts content with our soft grip pens. Go ahead and spend hours coloring intricate designs and get lost in the joy of it. Our pen’s soft grips will give you the comfort while you create dazzling art.
  • We Focus on Precision for a Smooth Experience. Unlike other gel pen brands, our focus is on quality and experience. No sputtering ink or skipped lines. Our smooth, fine point rollerball nib will glide over the pages effortlessly for a perfect finish.


Additional Details:

  • 50 Unique Colors including Glitter and Glitter Neon
  • Tip Size 1.0mm 
  • 2.0mm ink cartridges 
  • Smooth rollerball nib 
  • Ink flows smoothly as rollerball tip glides across the page
  • Color are acid-free, non-toxic, and resistant fading
  • Long lasting with extra large ink cartridges and durable tips
  • Luxurious comfort grip 
  • Applicable for all ages
  • Non-Toxic & Conforms to ASTM D-4236
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