KINGART® Gel Stick Artist Mixed Media Watercolor Crayons, Set of 24 Unique Colors

Manufacturer: King Art
SKU: 580-24

KINGART® Mixed Media Gel Stick Artist Watercolor Crayons | Set of 24 Vibrant Colors

Compact acid-free pigment sticks glide on creamy smooth for vibrant color and coverage.  All KINGART® Gel Stick Crayons blend easily with or without water.  Try this unique medium on paper, canvas, or wood and they look incredible on dark paper.  These 24 mixed media gel sticks are perfect for aspiring enthusiasts and beginners looking to enjoy new levels of creativity. 

  • 24 Vibrant Colors
  • Creamy, Vibrant pigment
  • Colors pop on dark paper
  • Water-Soluble
  • Transform opaque colors into translucent tints or mists with water
  • Blend easily with or without water
  • Work well on virtually any porous surface
  • Brush on water to create watercolor effects
  • Use on paper, wood, or canvas
  • Great for adding color and sheen to any surface, including paper, canvas, chipboard, wood, fabric, ribbon, journal boards, and many others!
  • Lightfast, odorless, and non-toxic
  • Includes Sturdy and Convenient Storage Case


Colors included in this set: Tan, Lemon, Primrose Yellow, Yellow, Naples Yellow, Orange Oak Vermillion, Red, Scarlet, Rose, Pink, Dark Pink, Maroon, Purple Deep Navy, Ultramarine, Cobalt Blue, Blue, Pale Turquoise, Violet, Pale Blue, Aqua Blue, Aqua Green, Turquoise, Light Green, Grass Green, Green, Dark Green, Olive Green, Light Brown, Brown, and Dark Brown.

You’ll be amazed and delighted by what you can do with this set of 24 mixed media gel sticks. Draw and color as you would with crayons to achieve stunning results… brush on water to turn your artwork into a brilliant watercolor painting… add luminous effects to mixed media artwork. Simple and safe to use, these gel sticks offer hours of fun for artists of all ages.

Designed by artists, each mixed media gel stick is manufactured to exacting standards, so you’re assured of quality and consistency.

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