Jinny Makeup Artiste Creative Ideas DVD Volume 2

Manufacturer: Mehron
Press, "Play" and open your world to new techniques, new tools and new products - all "Jinny-approved" know they will be great!

Artistic Makeup - Creative Ideas

This DVD will help you develop more creative and artistic ideas for your painting.

If you love the abstract style but are occasionally unsure how to get started, the content of this DVD will most certainly help you along. In addition to wonderful abstract designs, you will also see some of my favorite characters - the leopard, the dog, the monster and other colorful mask designs.

On this DVD menu you find a new separate section called "Techniques". This section contains detailed information on brush handling and manipulation, sponge handling, blending, double loading of brushes and other special techniques that I usually only cover in the most advanced classes. You will be happy to finally learn these proven"secrets" first hand and be able to review them over and over again.

By studying and reviewing this 90 minute DVD you will come to realize how the designs you originally thought were so complicated are now much easier to accomplish with practice.

Press PLAY and open up a whole new world of creative ideas and techniques that will improve the results of every face and body painter, regardless of your past experience. This product is "Jinny Approved" so you know it will be great!

Length: 90 minutes


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