GTX Nashville - Metallic Gold 120g

Manufacturer: GTX Face Paint
SKU: GTX-Nashville-120

GTX Nashville - Metallic Gold  - 120g


This line of makeup was created with the creative process in mind. It is meant to be experimented with, making it the perfect paint for cutting and creating your own split cakes.  It's soft and pliable textures makes it the perfect paint for repotting and replenishing existing cakes.  GTX recommends wearing gloves while repotting their makeup, not only to keep your hands clean, but also to help prolong the life span of the makeup. 

GTX is a makeup with a high glycerine content, with a clay-like consistency and does not require much water to activate.  Wearing this makeup on the skin is soft and comfortable for both the wearer and the artist.

GTX Facepaint is a registered, FDA compliant line of professional face paint that meets UK and EU regulations as well as Health Canada standards.

This product allows artists to easily create custom one-strokes and splitcakes using their square boxes, stamps, and crafting knife. With regular and custom sized boxes available, the possibilities for color combinations are endless.

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