Fusion - Half Round Face Paint Sponge (Charcoal Black) - 2 Pack

Manufacturer: Fusion Body Art
Firm Sponges
Fusion Body Art half round sponges are a professional face painting tool for body artists around the world. They are perfect to use with the Petal palettes by Leanne Courtney, but also great to be used with any split cake  or solid color that you might have.
The measurements of the sponges are 1.2" (3cm) x 2.8" (7.3cm) x .6" (1.5cm) 
These sponges are specially designed for face painting. They are the right density and size to make your face painting job easier.  Their pink color makes them look great in your face painting kit. They are very soft but have a nice density to them. 

You can create the perfect butterfly eyes and full face designs!


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