Foothills Coffin - Dracula Fangs Meduim

SKU: J10050MD
Sink your teeth into devilishly delightful style with our Vampire Fangs Dracula in Medium !

Foothills Coffin - Dracula Fangs Medium

Sink your teeth into devilishly delightful style with our Vampire Fangs Dracula in Medium !

These fangs add a seductive bite to your costume, making you the life (or afterlife) of the party. Crafted for comfort, they are fang-tastically easy to wear and remove, ensuring a hassle-free transformation into the supernatural. Whether you're vamping it up for Halloween or adding a touch of mischief to any occasion, these fangs are a wickedly fun accessory. Embrace your inner creature of the night and let these fangs be the toothy exclamation point to your devilish ensemble!

Actors do really appreciate Custom Dracula Fangs since they are the most comfortable and best wearing vampire fangs ever made. When doing theatrical performances that require the wearing of vampire fangs, Custom Dracula Fangs allow for easy talking. They are streamlined for comfort and double chambered for superior anchoring. Custom Designer Fangs come packaged in the Original  Coffin Box!

Not only are they realistic dental enamel colored fangs, but Custom Dracula Fangs can be repeatedly put in and taken out of their mouths at a moment's notice. Actors do not have to prepare the fangs with any adhesive whatsoever. Though, once the Custom Dracula Fangs partial plates (which blend into their own teeth) are mounted onto their teeth, Custom Dracula Fangs anchor securely and do not fall out. You have your own natural bite. and do not have to bite down on the fang. Yet, they are easy to talk with, and they look natural!

  • Includes Two plastic fangs , thermal-plastic for adhering them, and complete instructions.
  • Do not use over braces or Crowns.
  • When you follow the instructions your fangs will fit your natural bite. You'll be able to speak naturally and even enjoy cold beverages. (Do not drink hot beverages. The heat can re-melt the thermoplastic.)
  • Your fangs are custom-molded onto your teeth with Non-Toxic Alpha-1 Thermoplastic (no awful smelling, tasting, or mixing of chemicals here!).
  • You can remove the thermal beads and re-heat them as needed but we also sell extra thermal beads, just in case you need to create a new fit on old teeth.

See Detailed Instructions in images. 

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