Flamingo Stencil Eyes Profile - SOBA

SKU: Flamingo-SE

Make all your face painting designs easy by using Stencil Eyes. Profiles are quick and easy to use. Each Profile Eye set comes with a design card that you can use for your display.

Stencil Eyes are made out of .10 ml material that can be used with airbrush and sponging.  Combine and interchange designs with StencilEyes to create an endless variety of cool looks.  Faces come in many shapes and sizes so a little maneuvering may be needed to get the perfect fit.  

MADE IN the U.S.A. Stencil Eyes were created by renowned Airbrush artist, instructor, and artist Donna Nowak. 


Note: It is recommended that you use a water based Airbrush make up if you are using Stencil eyes on young faces. 

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