BOLT Face Painting Applicator by Jest Paint - Diamond Collection - Blue Sponge Dotter

Perfect tool to make the perfect dots on your design.

Sparkly Blue Wooden handles and black sponge applicator.

This applicator is 6.5" long from tip to end. The base of the sponge part is approximately a little more than 3/8" in a diameter and 5/8" long. The handles are approximately 12 cm / 1.4" Long and in Diameter.

Wet the tip or wet your paint and rub back and forth until you get a nice load of paint. You want the sponge to be full absorbed with paint to get the most consistent dots. Press into the skin to create varying sized dots depending on how hard you press.  Wash out with soap and water and leave to air dry.

The black domed sponge reusable applicator is soft and slightly flexible.  It is great for making strings of pearls, bubbles, eyes, a series of dot patterns and more.  Try loading with a white and then rub a little bit of color on the side. Spin the handle and you will get duo tone dots. 
This dotter brush can also be used for smudging cream pencil eyeliner or powders for beauty makeup application.

Because this Bolt Brush glitter applicator is made out of synthetic sponge and wood, no animals were hurt for the production of these brushes. The Diamond Collection was designed by Jest Paint and assembled in China.

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