Beast Stencil Eyes - SE

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Faces come in many shapes and sizes so a little maneuvering may be needed to get the perfect fit.  Can be airbrushed on or applied with sponge application.  Be creative and add texture stencils for different effects! 

Stencil Eyes are made in the U. S. A. by Showoffs Body Art. These stencils were created by the amazing artist and airbrush instructor Donna Nowak. Stencil Eyes come in a variety of designs giving you endless possibilities to create awesome full, half or ΒΌ face art.

Stencil Eyes differ from other face stencils on the market because the stencil designs come in 2 separate pieces which make it fast and easy to maneuver around the face. You can use the display card to show your customers how the design will look like and you will be able to create face art in just a couple of minutes. They are made of a 0.10mm Mylar so with the proper care they will last for a long time.

To Use: Can be used with your airbrush or with a brush and sponge. One size fits most and you can choose to fill only some parts of the design if you are working on a small face. Think out of the box and place the stencil around the face to create unique designs.

To Clean: Simply wipe down with soap and water or alcohol.

SOBA - Show Off Body Art

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