ABA Matte Fine Glitter - UV Powder Violet Blue (15ml)

Manufacturer: Amerikan Body Art
SKU: ABA-UV-Violet-Blue
These glitters glow under blacklight. Use them at your own professional discretion.

***There has been a recent change to this product.  ABA have switched all of the glitter colors to US manufacturer, which includes UV colors as well.  The smallest size particle available now is .008" hex.  The color is slightly different from what you may have previously received. It still glows brilliantly under blacklight.

UV Powder is a finer glitter, that has a more powdery texture than other glitters. The smaller particle is necessary to make it stick well for glitter tattoos. This is a blacklight reactive glitter. UV colors are not FDA approved for use around the eyes and mouth and are only suitable for glitter tattoos and special effects.

Hold the poof bottle 1-3 inches from the design/skin and gently squeeze. For best results apply the glitter on top of a face painting design while its still wet so the glitter will stick to the paint.

 Final SALE. Sorry, NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE, due to hygiene and quality reasons.


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