10 Slot Glitter Bottle Holder (fits 0.5oz bottles)

Manufacturer: Art Factory

White Plastic stand with 10 slots, that are great for keeping your glitters organized on your table while you work. The base will fit the width of most 1/2 oz bottles of glitter poof bottles and glitter gels, however some bottles have to be stored facing down in order to put the lid all the way down and the tips stick out of the hollow base by 1/2". See the pic.  

Will not fit Gliter pumps or 30ml poof bottles.

In order to close the lid items need to be placed with the tip facing down.
flip the bottles and place up right in order to us as an organizer while you work.

Glitter gels by Mark Reid and Amerikan Body Art Liquid Bling fit fine stored up or down. Keeping them facing down is ideal; it keeps the glitter gel down at the nozzle while you are working, and gives you less chance of clogging. Loose Glitter Poof Bottles can also fit just fine but make sure to store them upside down, flip the bottles up-right in order to use as an organizer while you work. You could also keep them facing down with the caps on while your work as well.

The lid is held on by friction. Do not let this set fly around loose in your kit, or the lid may come off. You can use the lid to display additional items on your table, or tuck it away in your kit until it is time to pack up.

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